Network Delay Simulator  v.1.0

Network Delay Simulator tool allows you to perform network bandwidth and delay simulation (simulate slow/congested links between nodes) on any connection from your computer to any remote node (on the local LAN or remote over Internet).

Phantom Delay  v.1.00

Phantom Delay is a tempo-driven delay effect with a classic analog sound. Simply set the tempo of the song, and select desired delay time. This delay provides three separate channels.


Multitap Delay AU  v.1.0.5

This is a 4-tap delay plugin in AudioUnit format.

Ping Pong Delay AU  v.2.0.6

A simple stereo ping pong delay audio plugin, in Apple's OS X-native AudioUnit format.

Voxengo Sound Delay for Mac OS X  v.1.3

Sound Delay is an auxiliary multi-channel signal delaying AU and VST plugin for professional audio applications.

Voxengo Sound Delay  v.1.4

Voxengo Sound Delay is a VST plug-ins for signal delaying. An auxiliary multi-channel signal delaying plug-in for various audio applications.Sound Delay is an auxiliary multi-channel signal delaying plug-in for professional audio applications.

VST Tap Delay  v.0.6

Implement a Tap Delay to your audio using this plugin. VST Tap Delay is a small plugin that implements a Tap Delay by calculating the BPM from the button or space-key clicks.

No XPI Install Delay  v.1.0

No XPI Install Delay is a Firefox extension to remove the delay that appears when you install addons. This addon removes that pesky add-on install delay. Yes, its a security fix, but how often do you press Alt-A and then Enter or space?

Ikeda Delay Differential Equation Model  v.1.0

Investigate the dynamics of a delay differential equation. Ikeda Delay Differential Equation model shows the dynamics of a delay differential equation that depends on the value of the dynamical variable x(t) at a previous time x(t-?).

DOS Delay  v.1.0

A DOS command that will execute a x milliseconds delay. This is a DOS command that will execute a delay. Useful in batch files (BAT/CMD).Features: 1. customizable 2. it doesn't need to be installed/uninstalled (just download the "exe" file and double

68000 delay calc  v.

this app gives a method to delay the mc 68000 in assembly

Tel-Ray Variable Delay  v.7 3

One invention involved a tuna can, a motor, and a few tablespoons of cancer-causing oil. The creation: an 'Electronic Memory Unit' - a technology, they were sure, that would be of great interest to companies like IBM and NASA.

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